New public sculpture works are commissioned and created from refuse collected during local stream clean-ups in partnership between the Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership (LRWP) and coLAB Arts. These sculptures create greater awareness of our watershed and the need for community involvement to restore its health.

Funded in part by

Project Purpose

1. To challenge artists to create transformative work from objects collected from streams and rivers throughout the Lower Raritan Watershed

2. To educate and motivate our local and regional communities to understand how they can positively impact their public waterways


With funding from Johnson & Johnson, LRWP and coLAB Arts are using interdisciplinary strategies to match in school art and science curriculums with Next Generation Science Standards for innovative project-based learning.

2017 Resident artist

Through a Challenge America grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, coLAB Arts will be hiring a resident artist for 2017 to create new community programming and art in collaboration with, and response to the advocacy of the LRWP.


Additional Participating Artists:


Pete Drago

Highland Park High School

Greater Brunswick Charter School

Paul Robeson Middle School (New Brunswick Public Schools)