Who art-ed?
— coLAB Arts

a note on how we work

We are an artist driven organization. As artists we look to our communities to both inspire new ideas and to teach how the arts can be used as the most powerful communicative tool to advance the civic conversation. Every quarter we choose a different theme or topic to guide our regular programs. Curators decides how this theme will be explored in their own platforms. These conversations develop relationships between artists and communities, and generate some of our best ideas for long term arts projects.


Facilitate artistic conversation in sometimes unlikely places where opportunity and inspiration will lead to innovative new ideas.

Connect creatives of all kinds with individuals and organizations that work directly with communities in all areas of civic life.

Create new work that is reflective of those conversations and relationships and challenges perceptions and inspires action.

our values

The people who offer their time and energy to coLAB Arts in strong volunteer capacities are called Collaborators. Collaborators come together monthly to help guide coLAB Arts events, projects, and platforms. coLAB arts Collaborators describe themselves as being:

  • Frustrated with the status quo

  • Searching for personal meaning

  • Believe that art should be local and accessible

  • Know that art has the power to transform hearts and minds

  • Eager to create and use artistry and serve communities

  • Seek fulfillment and challenge

  • Believe in new models of collaboration

If you feel that these values resonate with your own, we invite you to join in on one of our future Collaborator Meetings by contacting our General Manager, Stephanie Bond at sbond@colab-arts.org.

OUR Educational philosophy

Knowledge put into practice

All of our programs (a) teach and promote a specific knowledge and technique of a particular form or craft and (b) use that specific knowledge with the freedom of interdisciplinary experimentation to create reflective projects and programs.


coLAB Arts’ vision is to create more livable, sustainable, and exciting environments through art.


coLAB Arts engages artists, social advocates, and communities to create transformative new work.

coLAB Arts facilitates creative conversation through innovative programs and artist infrastructure, connects artists with community partners and mentors, and executes productions that challenge perceptions and inspire action.

statement of purpose

coLAB Arts generates community-powered projects and seeks to create an art scene using new and established spaces. Its work takes place in community rooms, houses of worship, parking lots, schools, bars, and backyards. A “let’s get it done” work ethic and flair for mischief colors coLAB Arts’ aesthetic and an emphasis on community engagement and professional development defines its commitment to the arts.

coLAB Arts believes that artistic expression is civic engagement and that collaboration is an active and creative process. coLAB Arts draws energy and inspiration from working with emerging artists and finding new platforms and audiences for established creative voices. coLAB Arts engages communities to ask questions, develop relationships, and come together to create new work across socio-economic, ethnic, and generational lines.