Works and Process

Works and Process is a collaboration between coLAB Arts and Lustig Dance Theatre, co-curated by Lauren Connolly and Bat Abbit. The residency supports emerging NJ choreographers through provided studio space to create a new work of dance, in-studio performance, and a premiere performance in a main stage production.


Works and Process Open Studio


Motion:New Dance Works Culminating Performance

(semi-annual: winter, summer)


Robert Johnson of the Star-Ledger gave our first class of choreographers incredible reviews for the work we premiered last December: "Aspiring dance makers in New Jersey have friends watching their back. In one of the passing year’s most positive developments, coLAB Arts, a fledgling non-profit, has teamed up with Lustig Dance Theatre to provide residencies and performance opportunities for emerging choreographers in New Brunswick." You can read the full article here.