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coLAB is an artist driven organization. All of our programs are curated by individuals with passion and artistic expertise to facilitate a wide array of cooperative elements. We call our core team the COLLABORATORS - the leadership oversees the administrative and regular operations while our curators take the responsibility for running defined projects. Our BOARD OF DIRECTORS oversees organizational mission and fiscal responsibility. Our long list of financial supporters keep the momentum going and make the projects a reality.

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one who has the special care or superintendence of something - (merriam webster)


Dan Swern, Producing Director

John Keller, Director of Education

Lauren Connolly, Producer and Curator, Motion: New Dance Works

Molly Graham, Curator, theVOM


Jad Kaado, Curator, litLAB

MARIELLA KLINGER, Outreach Associate

Samantha Chase KEstenbaum, Marketing Associate

Jennifer Sosnowski, Grantwriting Associate

Teaching Artists

Brandon Rubin

Aaliyah HabEEb


If you are a past artist or collaborator and would like to be included in our online gallery, please CLICK HERE.

Board of Directors

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Dr. Jeffrey Longhofer

Dr. Jerry Floersch

Dan Swern

Zion Kim

Dr. Arlene Swern

Susan Kramer-Mills

Christopher Cartmill

Cleo Mack

Adam Gold

David Rogoff

Dr. Helen Buettner

Vince Rifici

And of course we are never ones to turn down a donation, we're smart like that...

Transformer $10,000 +

Part of our mission is to create transformative projects. A task only possible with transformative networks of support. We are an organization with a "let's get it done" attitude. Our Transformers are individuals and organizations that make our long hours and big ideas possible. These game changers provide us the financial resources that get projects to a whole new level. This group includes major underwriters for specific projects or general operating support. We thank our Transformers by listing them as a primary organizational supporter on all promotional materials and listings.



Generator $5,000+

One of our primary missions is to create new work that generates movement in our communities to live a more artistic and sustainable life. This sponsorship level promotes organizations and individuals to take a direct role in helping produce one of our core programs or events. A sponsorship at this level could underwrite a series oral history collections and artist workshops that generate a new theater or dance piece that is reflective of a contemporary issue. coLAB seeks to create work that is fun and responsive and our creators bring those projects to life.

Drs. Jeffrey Longhofer and Jerry Fleorsch

Activator $1,000+

Let's get something started. Our Activators create opportunities where none existed before. They help provide start up support for projects that need a little boost. It doesn't take much to get a mural underway, or send a high school student the keys to a transformative summer, or give a choreographer some time to generate that new piece. Our Activators make the important messy work possible. They give us the power to follow the art and follow the need.

Dr. Helen Buettner                                               


Dynamo $500+

coLAB Arts is there everyday, all year round. From staff, to board, to volunteers, our organization is wide and always looking towards making our work stronger and more accessible. Dynamos help us keep the lights on, and make sure that our production quality is as strong as our community has come to expect.

coLABorator $100+

We don't give out the term coLABorator easily. We work with a large network of artists, social advocates, and community partners that want to see art influence substantive change and communication. coLABorators are the lifeblood of our organization and contributors at this level not only get to use the designation but get to know that their donation will make the tireless work of a great many individuals just that much easier. Execution of ideas is collective but the generation of ideas is individual, and it is the power of individuals that make great things possible.

current coLABorators

Mr. David Rogoff                        Ms. Susan Kramer Mills            Mr. Dan Swern                            Mr. John Keller                         Ms. Helen Buettner

coLAB Creators

These organizations and individuals give to the organization through tireless man hours and regular in kind support.

the possibilities are endless...

This is a current listing of some of the new and ongoing programs that have opportunities for public and anonymous commission support. Your donation can be earmarked to nurture a new HearME Verbatim Theater project, or provide a student the opportunity to take part in an otherwise out of reach transformative educational experience, or enable a public art installation that educates and motivates a community to make positive environmental actions.

Our collaborators are cooking up new and interesting projects all the time, check in with our Director of Community Connectivity John Keller at to find ways to make things happen.

$5,000 +

HearME: TrueSelves play commission (Year-Long through World Premier) a project that documents the central NJ transgender experience from healthcare to family, from the workplace to education.

HearME: Latino Voices play commission - a collaborative effort between coLAB Arts, The Rutgers Center for Latino Arts and Culture, and New Brunswick Tomorrow to develop an oral history based new work that shares the experiences, struggles, triumphs, and realities of the central NJ and Rutgers Latin communities.

Motion New Dance Works project commission (Year-Long through World Premier) 4 choreographers will be working with 4 different social service organizations to conduct oral history interviews, forums, and community charettes to generate source material for imaginative new movement work. The artists seek to move audiences to consider the realities of many who are frequently marginalized and ignored and used the form of dance to do it. This commission will be a primary project supporter and will aid the work throughout the yearlong development phase included the world premier of these new works in New Brunswick in the Spring of 2016


theaterMAKER Scholarship - provide a full scholarship to one deserving student to participate in our theaterMAKERS summer immersive which includes an intensive two week series of workshops on how to create civic minded socially engaged original work, as well as our three day trip to the renowned Contemporary American Theater Festival

OrphanageReading Commission - bring a new play to life but allowing a writer to have a staged reading with a full cast and invited audience.