We are all story tellers. Stories have the power to bring people together and create communities. theVOM is a regular story slam series that is open to anyone to participate, and also features community slams and storytelling workshops.

Here Today. Gone Tomorrow. Thursday, May 24, 7pm at Pino's in Highland Park!

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The vomitorium comes from the Latin word vomo meaning "to spew forth". The vomitorium was a passage way in ancient Roman coliseums and amphitheaters that allowed rapid egress for large audiences. In modern theaters, the vom refers to the hallway passage that runs underneath an audience and to the stage, a journey from a dark space to the illumination of the stage light. In this transition, from dark to light, we often find our greatest stories. 

Anyone can participate! Each performance will feature stories based on a different theme. Our rotating panel of judges will choose the best story tellers who will be invited to participate in the Grand Story Slam at the end of the year!


  • Come prepared to tell your story on stage, unscripted without notes. A personal, true story, that happened to you where you are the central character. Though we love fiction, we're interested in the truth. Your truth. Spill all of the details!
  • Stories must be within a four-to-eight (4-8) minute time frame.
  • Tell ONE story with a beginning middle and end containing a series of events that grow to a climax. Though we love stand up comedy, this is not a stand up set. We're only interested in the thoughts, feelings, and emotions you experienced through this ONE story from your life that you've prepared.
  • Practice, practice, practice!