Curiosity required: food, arts, culture, politics, and community, in an environment free fromassumptions and formal constraints;
a thoughtful space for the insatiably curious. 

Each event focuses on a specific topic ranging from the environment, sexual identity, healthcare, food production, urban development and public policy. While enjoying a gourmet meal, we explore the issue with experts in the field alongside artists whose work is inspired by the subject. theTABLE searches for the linkages between all things, to understand how seemingly disparate topics and individuals share commonality. You do not need any previous experience on the topic just a willingness to "participate in" or "bear witness to" engaged conversation. 

the specifics

WHAT:  Brunch and Conversation

WHERE: The location changes. Check out the events calendar for this month's details.

MENU: TBA, but to give you and idea of previous menus...freshly ground, whole wheat, lemon blueberry pancakes (as many as you can eat), seasonal fresh organic fruit, and organic grilled medley of peppers, onions, garlic, and always a surprise vegetable. Of course, freshly brewed coffee and tea, too.