coLAB Arts’ play development program engages playwrights and theater artists to development 9 that is directly connected to the organization or matters that concern its constituency. This includes already-written work, work that has been developed through coLAB Arts’ other platforms, and the commissioning of new work that can respond immediately to local public need or trauma. Theater artists are paired with local social advocacy organizations or subject-area experts to serve as resources for research and further community connection.

Development Process and Staged Reading

Play development through theORPHANAGE doesn’t follow a specific production or workshop path, but is facilitated via the needs of the piece. Excitement over an artist, their work, or addressed subject area, combined with resource availability will dictate when and if a project can be supported. The intention of the residency is to culminate with a staged reading of a play that speaks to a local or relevant constituency and that reverberates universally. Through an exciting partnership with New York based Theatre 167 plays will receive a second staged reading at a New York venue.