Sam Romero is a professional cartoonist and illustrator born, raised, and based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. His works range from political cartooning, to caricature, to comics. With a keen sense of humor and a passion for advocacy, his artwork addresses multiple social justice topics, largely centering on issues of poverty and marginalization. Sam began his artistic advocacy work by helping found and promote Tent State University (2003), a protest encampment based at Rutgers University. He has participated in local beautification efforts, including the Albus Cavus riverside restoration project (2006) where artists from across New Jersey were invited to do sanctioned graffiti work. Sam's political cartoons were featured in New Brunswick Today and was its primary editorial feature (2011-2014). Sam also has done mural work, and his Martin Luther King commemorative mural has been recognized by the City of New Brunswick (2016) through the official establishment of Martin Luther King Corner in honor of Dr. King's legacy memorialized in his artwork.

For coLAB Arts, Sam is working with NeighborCorps Re-Entry Services, producing a graphic novel memoir documenting the stories and experiences of individuals who have previously been incarcerated at Middlesex County Jail, and those that volunteer for NeighborCorps.