2019-07-10 Sam Romero
 Page 4 work in progress! Ink and flats all set!
Neighborly Cover
 Work in progress shot of page 1.
 Quick snapshot of comics line art before coloring process.
 Color layout for page 2 of our comics work. Each page gets roughed out in pencils first, then inks, then colors, and finally lettering.
 Full page before lettering process.
 WIP snapshot. Switching to a simpler style so turnover is more efficient.
 Page 7 preview base art. This is generally how a page looks before applying clip art and lettering layers. This particular scene takes place at Middlesex County Jail. I had to do volunteer orientation, which generally entailed an overview of federal law trying to prevent prison rape.
 Page 08. Unlettered. Our orientation was basically 100% learning about the Prison Rape Elimination Act, signed by GWB in 2003(?) that instituted audits at all prison facilities in the country with the goal of tamping down on sexual assault.
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