You’re gone.

I keep having to remind myself

Of that

Every morning.

I wake up next to you

You are always awake before me

Looking up at me

With your baby-doll eyes

Full of life

And excited to take on the day.

We go downstairs

For breakfast, together

I cook while you relax

In your usual spot

We sit at the table, together

And enjoy our meal

In quiet admiration.

Our daily walk through the forest

Is where we bond the most

You always remind me

That stopping to smell the flowers

Is just as important

As reaching our destination.

You always seem to live life

Without a care

A free spirit.

At night, we cuddle

While watching TV

I run my hands through your hair

As you snuggle closer to me.


I need to remind myself

Every morning

When I wake up now

That you are not here.

The bed is cold without

My little furnace

Laying next to me.

When I go downstairs

I see you in the corner of my eye

Sitting there

In your usual spot

Excited for this morning’s meal

I turn to give you a hug

And I remember.

I come home from work

Anticipation painted on my face

Open the door

Ready for the surprise

On the other side

And I remember.

Go to watch TV at night

Call for you to join

And remember.

Your absence is a haunting reminder

That my life revolved around your presence.