I WANT YOU TO MEET SAM by Yulia Kravchina

Before you meet Sam, I want you to think.

I know you hate thinking, but wait, don’t you blink.

At school, it’s a bit of a different deal.

But this time around, let’s talk about how you feel.


Let’s begin with all five of your senses

So we can start to break down all the fences.

You see, before you meet Sam, there’s something to know.

He’s a real person, not a scarecrow.


First, tell me, kiddo, what do you see?

Are you indoors or is the sun beaming glaringly?

You could be in a class or safe in your bed.

But remember before about what I had said.


Say, you are in your bedroom and so very sleepy.

The house settling and creeking is kind of creepy.

So look around to your bedroom and find

Your bed is so cozy - the perfect place to unwind.


How do you feel about jumping in bed?

And seeing the ceiling up overhead?

What if it was just the night sky?

No, not like camping. But worse, and here’s why.


Sam, remember him? He doesn’t have a ceiling.

He doesn’t have a house - then how is dealing?

He tries to get all the shelter he can.

But it’s hard with no income and he’s only one man.


Sam is having a hard time overall.

He’s not feeling well and the weather is cold.

He fell on hard times so he sleeps in the streets.

How lucky, he’d feel, if he had some bedsheets.


Now, tell me, what things can you touch?

At first, you think there really can’t be that much.

But what about the clothing right off of your back?

There’s nothing of that sort that you really lack.


Your mom bought those t-shirts and pants and those socks.

You have those new sneakers and some ugly crocks.

But Sam has no family to buy him that stuff.

Like Antman underwear - and you thought you had it rough.


Don’t you complain about heroes printed on clothes.

Real life heroes matter more than fake villians and foes.

A hero will find time and some resources to help out.

So why not give Sam a bit of a shout out.


He wouldn’t care if Spiderman is out-dated.

Or what pants on Amazon are most highly rated.

The holes in his jacket let the wind blow right through.

And the soles are worn down to the ground in his shoe.


Now, close your eyes and give a good whiff.

What is that delicious meal that you sniff?

You get about three or that’s what’s recommended,

And wouldn’t think twice to not even attend it.


When you are so hungry, your stomach starts growling

You’d better get fed or your face will start scowling.

What kind of mood are you in when you’re hungry?

You can’t think of anything else and you are a bit grumpy.


Sam does not have the best access to food,

So you can imagine how much more it’s valued.

You can eat pretty much any time you demand.

And Sam could really use a friendly helping hand.


Think not just of smell but also of taste.

And what matters most and where your heart’s placed.

How important it is to have a good meal

Without having to go through great trouble or ordeal.


Water in the summer tastes refreshing and sweet.

Without it you’re dehydrated and may overheat.

Hot chocolate when it’s cold is a comfort to all.

Simple warmth is what’s needed in the frigid nights of Fall.


What do you hear if you really do listen?

Maybe, in school those are lessons you’re missing.

Someone is helping you become a grown-up.

It takes a long time to learn and really develop.


What does Sam hear instead of a classroom?

No matter what it is, he can’t turn down the volume.

If he’s trying to sleep and the sirens are blaring.

Then, that is all that he is stuck hearing.


There’s one more thing that you sometimes feel.

It’s when you are sick, need rest or to heal.

All you do is go get medicine from a doctor

And it really isn’t too much of a bother.


But Sam has no way to get the help that he needs.

Whether it’s flus, headaches or even nosebleeds.

There isn’t a nurse on patrol on the streets

To give a diagnosis and give out a treat.


Remember that Sam is a person like you.

Who gets really hungry and sick and lonely, too.

Ok, I’ll give you back your iPad if you promise

To help out the needy and not to forget this.