The mission of filmLAB is to provide a community that encourages study of film for amateurs and aspiring professionals alike by providing programming such as film screenings, workshops, and presentations from industry professionals. The environment that we are seeking to create is one that welcomes all types of participants, from the somewhat casual aficionado to the more career-minded professional. The mission of the filmLAB screenings would be to foster an active discussion of all movies, including those produced independently and outside the United States. We hope that FilmLAB’s programming can create opportunities to form friendships and collaborations, help others to become stronger writers and sell and produce their work, and create a supportive, creative, and flourishing artistic community.


Feedback Fridays

Feedback Fridays are small-group discussions held bi-monthly that allow writers to work out their ideas and receive encouragement.

NJ Screenwriters Meetups and Workshops

Peer networking meet-ups and  writing workshops provide writers with opportunities to acquire new skills, network, and receive feedback on their work.


Dedicated screenings of films that are artistically significant. Films will be show and followed by a group forum discussion in relation to a monthly theme.

For all upcoming filmLAB programming check out the coLAB Art's Master Calendar