Writer and Illustrator Artist Submission Form

coLAB Arts' Comic in a Day, now in its fifth year (!), serves as an opportunity for spontaneous creation of new comic books for writers and illustrators. coLAB Arts is currently seeking out 3 Illustrators and 3 Writers to participate in Comic in a Day, Friday, October 18th through Sunday, October 20, 2019.

coLAB Arts, in response to its mission to engage artists, social advocates, and communities to create transformative new work will commission early, mid-, and late career Writers and Illustrators to create new comic and graphic works, created over a period of 24 hours. Works are presented live with actors, and underscored by new music, created in response to the newly minted comics. Artists will create work in response to the theme, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. Artists will visually respond to a prompt that will be revealed at 5pm on Friday of the creation weekend. The works will be shared through live performance and projection on Sunday night at 7pm. A panel of judges will provide feedback and confirm a winner.

Artists will be provided paper, black ink pens, and black #2 Pencils, though are asked to use their own colors and additional art supplies.

2018 Participants: Jack Shergalis and Robert Kijowski (winner), Zaki Zaveri and Nancy Love, David De Forne and Marcus Enriquez. The theme was

2017 Participants: Christian Angeles and Ryan Smith (winner), Sam Romero and Allison Baldwin, and Joe Cascia and Marlon Dunn. The theme was Resilience in Nature.

2016 Participants: Bassam Kaado and Joe Cascia (winner), R.J. Kijowski and Yulia Kravchin, Tara DeWorsop and Andrew Lloyd. The theme was Choices and Consequences.

2015 Participants: James English and Ryan Smith (winner), Carl Schulz and Christina Figueroa , Vivian Aladren and Riley Stein, Doug Rizio and Adam Uzialko. The theme was #LikeAGirl.


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