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theVOM Grand Story Slam - Silver Linings

  • Pino's Lounge 13 North 4th Avenue Highland Park, NJ, 08904 United States (map)

THIS IS IT! THE 2018 CULMINATING SLAM! Free Event! This event fills up, so use the registration form below to secure your seat!

Ever felt like you reached the end of your rope? Ever faced adversity head on and lost? Ever found a ray of hope amid the darkness? What got you through? What kept you going? What gave you strength?

theVOM wants to know!

In this time of shifting political landscapes, challenges, and discovering new voices, join us for theVOM Grand Slam and hear our winning storytellers and special guests tell stories about SILVER LININGS. Stories of conflict, grit, and hope.

Previous winners will come prepared to tell their story on stage, unscripted without notes. A personal, true story, that happened to them where they are the central character. Though we love fiction, we're interested in the truth. Your truth. Spill all of the details.

All storytellers will compete for a GRAND PRIZE!!!

Stories must be within a 4-to-8-minute time frame and have a beginning, middle, and end containing a series of events that grow to a climax. Though we love stand up comedy, this is not a stand up set. We're only interested in the thoughts, feelings, and emotions experienced through this ONE story from your life that you've prepared. If you still want to know more about theVOM, CLICK HERE!

2019 SLAMS to be announced soon!

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