stART: May 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to stART (Share the Art), a program committed to bringing local area high school students closer to all of the professional arts experiences in their own community. We have been working diligently with a committed group of arts organizations, teachers, administrators, and most importantly students - all who are interested in networking with other schools, linking together with other creative people, and experiencing great theater, music, visual art, dance, film, and more.


Saturday May 14, 1pm - 3pm
theSHARE: Part end of year party, part poetry performance workshop, part community gathering. More...

June 4, 6:30pm - 10:00pm
stART goes to see Dirty Little Secrets at George Street Playhouse


Abigale McNulty, MCVTS Senior and stART Participant

Abigale McNulty, MCVTS Senior and stART Participant

Abigale McNulty

Abigale McNulty, MCVTS Senior and stART Participant

1) What grade are you in and what is your favorite subject at school and why? 

I am currently a Senior in High School and attend MCVTS Vocational and Technical HS East Brunswick with a major in theatre. My favorite academic subject is English. From a young age, I've always enjoyed reading and in that class, I am able to explore classical literature such as Antigone and Ibsen's A Doll House.

2) What was your favorite stART event? 

My favorite stART event is the dress rehearsal of George Sand's Gabriel directed by Christopher Cartmill at Rutgers University. The direction and purposeful casting of the production made me realize that some people to don't feel like they conform to a specific gender through Gabriel's discovery that they are not man or woman, but a person. That is something that has stuck with me since then.

3) Why do you like participating in stART and going to cultural events? 

I like to participate in stART events because you meet so many wonderful people such as other high school students, John Keller, Christopher Cartmill, Ellen Valencia and many more. Then there's the exposure to art that most high schoolers never get to experience like the reimagining of August Strindberg's A Dream Play at Rutgers University and the Wizard of Oz immersive event Behind the Moon, Beyond the Rain. The stART program allows young artists to be exposed and inspired by the art that we have in New Jersey. 

4) What do you want to see stART do more of in the future?

I would like to see more classical pieces. Some people my age haven't had the chance to experience a Shakespeare production. 


Dr. Nayna Vyas

Math Teacher at Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools, and stART trip organizer

What I like most about stART is the opportunity they give to students to enjoy theater.  Most of the students in the school I work for do not have the opportunity to see the wonderful theatrical plays, jazz, etc., that we have been enjoying for the past seven to eight months. My students are learning about the different arts, they are learning how they can relate to and may have a future career choices in these areas by exploring them through stART. In the future I would like to see stART open more doors to other school districts and counties and provide access for a wider range of students so they can also enjoy these cultural experiences.