Behind the Moon, Beyond the Rain

A Community Powered Vision of the Wizard of OZ

September 19, 2015


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Behind the moon, beyond, the rain...

coLAB Arts presented its first annual alternative immersive performance and fundraising event, Behind the Moon, Beyond the Rain: a Community-Powered Vision of The Wizard of Oz on September 19, 2015 from 7-10pm. The event took place at the New Brunswick Community Farmers Market (178 Jones Avenue, New Brunswick). and included an immersive theatrical performance, live visual art making, music, dinner, beverages, and silent auction.

the artists and collaborators who made it possible

Miranda Trotman

Brandon Flynn

N'Digo Jones

Alexis Plaza


Alan Cutler

John Keller

Dan Swern

Megan Shook

Adrian Kiser

Keyla Hernandez

Christopher Cartmill



Kelli McGovern

Tina Lynch

Christina Woolard

Heather Holmes

Joe Wiggan

Josh Kelly

Rachel Klein

Justin Humphrey

Jad Kaado

Bassam Kaado

Jonathan Martinez

Amie Bajalieh


Rachel Kaufman

Sam Urdang

Lindsay Andreanszky

Abigail McNulty

Dave Seamon

Mariella Klinger

Shimmy Schwartz

Evangelia Psarakis

George Maher

Adam Bradford

Molly Graham

Molly O'Brien



MK Riecks

Thakshila Upasena

Josh Bernhofer

Lauren Connolly 

Angy Diaz

Melissa Vitale

Dustin Ballard

James Keene

Danielle Marie Fusco

Adel Stemen


Well that's unusual...

coLAB Arts assembled a cooperative of alumni and partner artists who where tasked with creating a performance or visual art piece that responded to one of the core elements, themes, motifs, quotes, or images from the film while showcasing their own individual artistic aesthetic, sense of humor, and style.



If I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own backyard…

Behind the Moon, Beyond the Rain is evocative of The Wizard of Oz’s agricultural backdrop and environmental motif, and will take place in the transformed Esperanza Community Garden operated by the New Brunswick Community Farmers Market and Rutgers University. The evening’s event will begin with refreshments and live music in the gardens before moving to the pavilion for the main performance event and gourmet food selection.


Toto, I don't believe we are in Kansas anymore...

The evening honored Drs. Jeffrey Longhofer and Jerry Floersch, directors of the doctoral program at Rutgers University’s School of Social Work and President and Vice-President of coLAB Arts’ Board of Directors, for their years of service to the organization. coLAB Arts could not be more proud of these two native Kansans, who have committed to making the greater New Brunswick community a more dynamic, socially engaged, and creative place.


Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain...

coLAB Arts’ Producing Director Dan Swern and Director of Education and Community Outreach John Keller produced the event with additional artistic direction provided by actor, playwright and director Christopher Cartmill. The event happened because of dedicated work of the coLABorator board and curators